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Wire Rope

Selling Wire Rope in Jakarta

Wire rope is a wire rope that is widely used in various industrial applications. This product is also known as alternating wire. This wire rope consists of several wires that are twisted to form strands. Wire rope consists of very strong steel wire. Constructively made from a number of wire ropes that are twisted together to form strands. Usually there are 6 strands in one wire rope and in the coil core there are ropes equipped with lubricants. Please note, that wire ropes are divided into several types according to their functions and specifications in the field, also distinguished from the type of wire arrangement and direction of rotation.

Our product quality is equivalent to brands from Korea and from the UK. Our galvanized wire rope is durable because of the process with hot dipped, not electroplating / spray. Can produce wire ropes as needed, for example: left swivel wire rope, wire rope with special construction for logging
The grade of our products starts from:
   1770 (IPS / Improved Plow Steel),
   1960 (EIPS / Extra Improved Plow Steel),
   2160 (EEIPS / Extra Extra Improved Plow Steel)

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